Jolt Cola Has Been Rereleased to the Delight of 90s Kids Everywhere

 - Oct 5, 2017
References: foodbeast
Kids who grew up in the 90s will recall Jolt Cola as being the quintessential soda to pick up when looking for a boost, so it will likely come as welcome news that it will start hitting store shelves once again.

Priced at just $1 a can, the soda is roughly half the cost of other mainstream energy drinks and boasts 160 milligrams of caffeine along with 50 grams of sugar per 16 ounce serving. This makes it perfect energy drink option for those who are looking for a cost-effective option to help fuel them during all-night study sessions, gaming competitions or when binge watching favorite shows.

The alternative energy product market has been expanding exponentially within the past few years, so it comes as no surprise that Jolt Cola will be reappearing to help fuel the masses.