Greggs and Open Table are Hosting In-Store Valentine's Day Dinners

Although Valentine's Day dinners typically either happen in a restaurant or an at-home setting, Greggs, the the largest bakery chain in the United Kingdom, is offering up its shops as a new dining destination for the holiday.

In partnership with online restaurant reservation service company Open Table, Greggs is making it possible for couples to book a romantic in-store candlelit dinner at its chains across the UK. Since the lighting and atmospheres of few retail establishments can be considered romantic as they are, Greggs plans to transform its stores with music, mood lighting and festive touches such as tablecloths and holiday decor.

When dining at the bakery chain, couples can expect a full-service fine dining experience, complete with a menu made entirely with food from Greggs—some of the items on offer include savory puff pastry sliders, miniature donuts and dark chocolate brownies.