- Jan 27, 2018
These 2017 romance trends incorporate a range of ideas for singletons, casual daters, engaged couples, and more, with even puppy couple portraits included in the mix.

Although some prefer to keep their online impressions as positive as possible leading up their first dates, there's an app for those who are looking for a partner who hates all of the same things that they do, which enables them to create arguably stronger connections as a result. The app is fittingly dubbed 'Hater,' and allows users to bond over 2,000 topics, which they can either swipe left or right on to show their love or hatred.

Also featured are Bompas & Parr's meaty bouquets, which make for a great gift for any partner who considers themselves something of a carnivore. This unconventional bouquets are a part of a wider theme that was present this year, with Doritos making bouquets of its cheesy chips available for Valentine's Day yet again.

From Virtual Reality Weddings to Heart-Shaped Chicken Containers: