'Vrai & Oro Weddings' Offers Rings with Lab-Grown Diamonds

 - Mar 21, 2017
References: vow.vraiandoro & forbes
Vrai & Oro Weddings, an online engagement ring retailer based out of California, offers a welcome departure from traditional engagement rings. While the company's jewelry is traditional if slightly minimalist in terms of design, its material is what makes it stand apart. That's because the diamonds used in Vrai & Oro Weddings' rings aren't taken from a mine but grown in a lab.

Vrai & Oro Weddings (whose name carries the clever acronym VOW) sources its diamonds from a Silicon Valley startup called Diamond Foundry. The tech company has developed a system that mimics diamond-forming conditions in a laboratory, reducing the cost of those diamonds while also removing the ethical dilemma that comes with purchasing a diamond that may or may not have been mined in a region of conflict.