- Apr 29, 2017
Among the April 2017 lifestyle trends, two potentially antithetical concepts have come to the fore. On the one hand, there are health and wellness trends and on the other, there are drinking and nightlife trends. Though the two ideas often run counter to one another, it seems that April is the month for people to embody the "work hard, play hard" philosophy in their lifestyle decisions.

In terms of fitness and well-being, there are new products that allow people to take their fitness regimes anywhere. The XBAR 'FLYT' is a travel-friendly piece of workout equipment that offers dozens of different exercises while also folding up neatly for portability.

Nightlife is often about extravagant excess (that tends to wreak havoc on one's fitness), but people can show off their gains from the gym at the 'Get Naked' pop-up nightclub in London, which is a bi-weekly clothing-optional party.

From Naked Nightclub Pop-Ups to Restorative Nap Cafes: