Gatorade Gx is a New System for Providing Personalized Sports Drinks

 - Mar 9, 2017
References: gatorade.newsmarket & just-drinks
Sports science is a thriving field of research — that such a field of inquiry even exists is a testament to the influence of sports on consumer culture — and Gatorade has introduced a new system called 'Gatorade Gx' to bring athletes a highly tailored experience. The system uses a digital patch, a specially engineered bottle cap, and custom flavor pods to give those hydrating an unprecedented degree of personalization.

The Gatorade Gx system starts with the bottle itself. The standard Gatorade squeeze bottle has been augmented with a special flipcap that utilizes fluid intake tracking to give athletes, coaches, and trainers visual feedback directly. This allows for easy pacing of hydration over the course of a game, and the flipcap makes it simple to replace a flavor pod on the fly. The system also comes with a digital sweat patch to provide real-time hydration analysis through wearers' sweat.