- Jun 19, 2017
These food customization innovations range from artisanal yogurt bars to made-to-order Italian food menus. While Toronto-based Astarté Yogurt Bar specializes in hand-crafted and locally sourced treats -- a favorite among consumers seeking a healthy dessert option -- Panera Bread's craft beverages can be personalized according to sweetness level, meaning they are not only diet-friendly but also matchable to varying preferences.

Other food customization innovations to take note of include customizable recipe cookbooks like Buzzfeed's 'Tasty,' a hardcover that boasts a DIY component. The cookbook is a great foodie-centric gift that can be customized to include one of 7 themes. Whether interested in breakfast recipes or essential Happy Hour treats, consumers are able to personalize each printed edition before it is delivered to their door.

Additional standouts include 3D-printed candies, pizza crusts, and even full-sized pies that utilize this evolving and versatile technology.

From 3D-Printed Pizza Crusts to Made-to-Order Yogurt Bar Menus: