From Spicy Candy Floss to Cotton Candy Pizzas

 - Jul 19, 2017
These cotton candy treats highlight the different ways that businesses are using the carnival classic to elevate their desserts.

Cotton candy has long been a special occasion treat. For many, cotton candy delivers a strong nostalgic element that ties to childhood memories of going to the carnival or amusement park. By bringing the treat into every day life, the mundane becomes a fun, elevated experience. Visually, cotton candy adds texture and pastel colors. Furthermore, its distinctive flavor makes for a powerful impact. For example, the 'Pop Candy Land Pizza' from 'Industry Kitchen' is brought to the next level with the addition of candy floss.

Alternatively, some companies are working to remix the classic candy floss flavor by making creative flavor combinations. Flavors like jalapeno and chardonnay make for a grown-up take on the fun treat.