The Bikini Beans Espresso Coffee Shops Boast Baristas in Swimwear

Anyone interested in having their favorite caffeinated beverage crafted and served to them by a woman in a bikini can have just that at Bikini Beans Espresso coffee shops. Positioned as an unexpected kind of coffee shop to grab your daily caffeine fix, Bikini Beans Espresso features women in bikinis mixing up a variety of authentic beverages for customers to enjoy.

Bikini Beans Espresso has received rave reviews for offering quality products and excellent customer service, but has experienced quite a bit of criticism for its unorthodox uniforms. The Bikini Beans Espresso coffee shops have responded by saying that, "It’s empowering for our baristas to wear a bikini, feel comfortable in their own skin, embrace that, and have a choice to do something they enjoy and love."