Misfit Juicery Takes Misshapen Produce and Blends Them into Beverages

 - Mar 15, 2017
References: misfitjuicery.co & wellandgood
Misfit Juicery is a start-up that proudly sets itself apart by turning ugly fruits, veggies, trimmings and tops into cold-pressed juices. While the odd-looking fruits and vegetables use may not fit in with the other perfect apples or carrots at the supermarket, they are perfect for flavors from Misfit Juicery like S.C.R.E.A.M., Far From the Tree and 24Carrot Gold.

Over the past few years there have been several initiatives implemented by restaurants and grocery stores to show how consumers may use ugly fruits and vegetables as a means of reducing waste. While many of the campaigns and products introduced still relied on people to overlook the appearance of misshapen produce, this mental barrier is not an issue with Misfit Juicery's beverages, as there is no telling them apart from other juices.