- Apr 30, 2017
These April 2017 health trends incorporate a wide range of products, services, and more for various different needs. Although the majority are focused on improving the physical well-being of consumers, a number of others are geared towards bettering their mental and emotional health as well.

An example of the latter is Marks & Spencer's 'Frazzled Cafes,' which allow those struggling with their mental well-being to come together in a safe space to discuss the issues they're having with one another. Although its creators make clear that the Frazzled Cafes aren't meant to replace the role of mental health professionals, they open the door for discussion, and encourage those in need to get the help they require.

Also featured in the April 2017 health trends is the 'Woobi,' a child-safe pollution mask that filters out dangerous airborne particulates. In addition to making air safer, the masks challenge children by requiring them to assemble the masks themselves. To make this more fun, components of the masks come in different colors, so that children can customize them to their liking.

From Simplified Corn Tortillas to Essential Oil Tooth Powders: