Smart Flour Foods' 'Snack Bites' are Made with a Base of Ancient Grains

In addition to offering a range of healthy pizzas and pizza crusts, Smart Flour Foods is now introducing gluten-free pizza bites.

The all-new Snack Bites are made with a blend of ancient grain flours, including sorghum, amaranth, teff and chia, with three flavors available. As well as giving attention to what goes into the making of a healthy gluten-free crust, the brand also considered the best ingredients for each of the three flavors. The Cheese, Combo and Pepperoni varieties feature a hormone-free blend of cheese and uncured meats that are free from antibiotics and nitrate. To go along with this, the pizza bites are also free from artificial colors, flavors and many common allergens like nuts, wheat and eggs.