From Pizza-Ordering Sneakers to Abstract Pizza Apparel

 - Dec 10, 2017
As these gifts for pizza lovers show, today pizza is a cultural phenomenon that spans from the lofty reaches of fine dining down to the delivery orders of the everyman, and the Italian staple's backstory is in line with that. Legend has it that pizza began as a simple and affordable street dish in Italy before being discovered by Queen Margherita and then becoming de rigueur amongst the Italian aristocracy of the time. Indeed, pizza today reflects that rags to riches origin, with the dish represented across the cultural spectrum.

Pizza is more than just a meal today. Everyone insists that they love pizza the most (as if everyone doesn't love pizza), but the truly dedicated pizza fans go beyond just eating. They wear clothes with pictures of pizza, they decorate their houses with pizza motifs, and they even wear pizza to go swimming. One can't truly love pizza until it's covered them during a dip at the public pool.