These Novelty Scented Bath Products From Village Vanguard Smell Like Savory Food

 - Jun 1, 2017
References: & mashable
Scented bath products can turn a basic hygiene ritual into a more relaxing and sensorial experience, and these ones are likely to rouse your appetite as well. From Village Vanguard, the scented bath salts come in unusual food fragrances including pizza. This is a departure from floral or fruity scents one might expect.

The Japanese retail chain wants to make you feel as if you have been literally immersed in a tub of your favorite edible items, so they developed bath salts that smell like different Japanese foods. In addition to cheesy pizza-scented salts, they also offer odors inspired by beer, cilantro, edamame soybeans, Japanese gyoza pot stickers and yakiniku grilled meat.

The scented bath products follow previous food ventures including soup-scented bath salts.