The Pizza Hut 'Hut Burgers' Feature Patties Wrapped in Dough

 - Apr 17, 2017
References: brandeating
There's no shortage of strange recipe changes coming to the modern fast food market, with the Pizza Hut 'Hut Burgers' being one of the newest. Available in Cyprus, the hybrid burgers are available in three varieties including Texas BBQ, Philadelphia and Hut Classic. Each one features a beef patty along with a number of other distinct ingredients that have been wrapped in pizza dough.

The Pizza Hut 'Hut Burgers' come as a hybrid menu item that is highly portable and capable of being enjoyed on-the-go rather than requiring you to sit down and eat it. This is a burgeoning format for various foods that are being made available at restaurant locations as well as in the CPG market.