- Aug 21, 2017
These examples of celebratory holiday marketing include immersive brand activations, festive television commercials, and engaging social media filters.

Standouts in the brand activation realm include branded Easter egg hunts and friendship-themed Valentine's Day pop-ups like those hosted by Urban Outfitters and legendary confectioner Cadbury.

When it comes to memorable holiday commercials, H & M's 'Come Together' campaign stands out. The playful ad is directed by Wes Anderson of cult movie fame, and features Oscar-winning actor Adrian Brody who plays a train conductor in the quirky spot.

Additional examples of celebratory holiday marketing include projected Christmas campaigns like Very.co.uk's recent activation. Rather than celebrating the holidays with traditional billboard ads, the brand chose to use London buildings as its canvas. The result was a set of projected graphics, creating an unexpected and engaging light show for the city's residents.

From Branded Easter Hunts to Familial Beer Campaigns: