This Heartfelt Heathrow Airport Ad Focuses on Two Grandparents

 - Nov 22, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
For the very first time, a Heathrow Airport ad was devised for the Christmas holidays. Made with the help of creative agency Havas London, the short commercial follows an elderly teddy bear couple -- who sit together on a plane and walk through the expansive airport to collect their bags. After which, they're reunited with their grand children.

Throughout the Heathrow Airport ad, the large-scale destination is presented in pristine condition and the service is shown to be friendly. This is done rather subtly, however the viewer comes away with a positive impression regardless. In addition to showing off the level of service one can expect to receive, the Heathrow Airport ad illustrates that travelling over the holidays is well-worth the effort as it allows loved ones to come together.