- Jan 28, 2017
These 2016 commercial trends are widely diverse, with brands, organizations and more using alternative methods to get their message out to consumers.

For its 'Random Acts of Bo' campaign, American fast food chain Bojangles created a pop-up in a laundromat where it featured an array of personified food. The brand set up a hidden camera to record the hilarious reactions that ensued.

Kylie Jenner also took the time to film a music video to promote her latest glosses as well, in which she staged a heist and drove around with her friends in a convertible.

Other campaigns featured in these 2016 commercial trends include Jonah Hill's painfully awkward sneaker ad for Reebok and Palace, Burger King's nostalgic Napoleon Dynamite-inspired cheesy tots promotion and much more.

Any of those who are interested in finding out what other methods brands are using to promote their products are sure to find Trend Hunter's Future Festival enlightening.

From Criminal Car Rental Ads to Parody Pop Ads: