These Texas Pete Ads Show the Power of the Flavor Its Products Offer

 - Aug 31, 2016
References: cenergy & adsoftheworld
Creative Energy, an advertising agency that's based in Johnson, USA, worked with Texas Pete in order to humorously exaggerate the flavors of its sauces.

The project, which includes five different commercials, was headed by Will Griffith, who received help from Creative Director Greg Nobles and Art Director Hannah Howard. In each of the ads, the mouth is imagined as a stage, with the red curtains that frame it surrounded by cartoon-like teeth to make this especially clear.

Once the curtains open, a different Texas Pete product is revealed, with its 'Cha!' hot sauce and its 'Hot Buttery Wing Sauce' in the mix. In the latter, the cast stars a brick of butter that's dressed in what's assumed to be a sultry dress, who is seducing a pepper that's laying on top of a bed. Meanwhile, the Cha! commercial shows the hot sauce kicking a person dressed up as a tongue, all while shouting "Cha!" repeatedly.