From Candy-Themed Coding Games to Allergy-Friendly Seed Spreads

 - Sep 25, 2016
With the back-to-school season about to begin, the September 2016 kids' trends reveal a major emphasis on products and services that can aid children during their time in the classroom.

Instead of storybooks and craft supplies, parents are now looking for products that can be used to teach children about digital technology. For instance, the Osmo Monster app and drawing pad helps children design their own animated characters. Another example is the Glicode app, which is a fun game that teaches children the basics of programming.

Beyond educational tools, parents are also looking for food products that will keep kids energized throughout the school day. This means that parents are looking for nutritious snacks in familiar, kid-friendly flavors. These kinds of healthy snacks include allergy-friendly seed spreads, active fruit leathers and kid-friendly veggie bars.