The Refreshed 'Fried Egg' Ad Blends the Iconic Ad with Current Drug Concerns

 - Aug 9, 2016
References: nytimes & adweek
The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has updated its iconic 'Fried Egg' ad to be more topical for today's teens and parents.

The ad starts off the same as the original with the egg in the fry pan and the voice over saying "this is your brain on drugs." Rather than being followed by a rhetorical "Any questions?" the new ad has teens asking lots of questions. They ask about various types of drugs, why they're bad and why they're so addictive. Substances mentioned include prescription drugs, alcohol, weed, molly and heroin.

The ad is meant to encourage parents to be informed about the various types of substances their children may be exposed to or curios about. The updated 'Fried Egg' ad is reflective of the change and grown in the drug landscape since the original commercial debuted.