From Homework-Organizing Apps to Collegiate Computer Campaigns

 - Sep 24, 2016
With the back-to-school season just around the corner, the September 2016 education trends reveal that there are major changes in the way students of all ages are learning. Indeed, students from kindergarten to college are now using technology to enhance their academic experience in unexpected ways.

When it comes to young children, mobile apps are quickly becoming powerful classroom tools. For instance, the ihomework 2 app gives students a visual platform for organizing upcoming projects and assignments. Similarly, SkoolHub is a classroom-based app that helps remove communication barriers between teachers, students and parents.

As expected, technology is also changing the academic experience at the college level as well. As the September 2016 education trends reveal, college students are using new technology both inside and outside of the classroom to improve their knowledge. Some examples of these tech-oriented tools include 3D-printed anatomy kits, virtual campus platforms and online textbook rentals.