'Class 120' Lets Parents Know If Their Children are Skipping Class

 - Aug 15, 2016
References: dailytargum & class120
As a means to prevent college students from skipping class and hurting their futures, the 'Class 120' app monitors whether or not they're attending so that parents can help their children succeed.

As many parents invest large sums of money into their children's education, finding out that they're not in the classes they've paid for can be frustrating. On the other end, many students aren't used to having such little immediate accountability in their lives -- meaning that they often don't understand the consequences of skipping class until its reflected in their grades.

With Class 120 however, parents are able to receive reports regarding their child's class attendance. If the student fails to show up, parents receive a notification through email or text so that they can help set them on the right track. In order to ensure that their attendance is accounted for, students just need to show up to class with the app downloaded and their phone charged. With this, Class 126 prevents students from skipping class and helps them get the marks that they're capable of.