From Friendship-Forming Benches to Chip Bouquet Proposals

 - Jun 9, 2017
These examples of face-to-face marketing range from frienship-forming bench stunts to chip bouquet proposals. While examples like Nespresso's 'Hello Bench' stunt aimed to connect strangers by helping to break the ice, Doritos' second limited run of its ketchup roses resulted in a romantic gesture from one Vancouver Canucks hockey fan.

Outside of the food and beverage realms, other face-to-face marketing innovations include social media app Snapchat's Snapbot -- a brightly branded vending machine that sell's the company's Spectacles eyewear line -- along with Ebay's emotion-powered popup in London which was outfitted with intuitive, "bio-analytic technology and facial coding software."

Pop-up VR bars, and beachside shipping container hotels round off this list and illustrate the power of spontaneous marketing that requires crowd participation and immersive elements.