Pringles' Mechanically Generated Cloud Mimics the Scent and Flavor of Chips

 - May 2, 2017
References: pringles & eventmagazine
Pringles recently set up a machine in London that releases an "edible flavor cloud" that tastes just like the flavor of chips—specifically, Pringles' sour cream and onion variety.

Pringles developed this stunt following a survey, which asked people to predict the future of food. The results revealed that most people in Britain believed they wouldn't be able to taste their favorite flavors from their air until the year 2037.

The large-scale cloud-dispensing machine was set up London's Potters Field park, inviting the public to taste the '#PringlesFlavourCloud.'

This chip brand is not the first to create a flavor cloud. Whiskey brand Ardbeg created the Ardbeg Haar Carafe to create a "drinkable cloud," and Bompas & Parr created the 'Alcoholic Architecture,' which involved a "walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail."