- Oct 30, 2016
Whether it is breakfast, lunch or a quick snack, the October 2016 food product trends reveal that consumers are eager for office-friendly forms of sustenance.

In terms of breakfast, a growing number of consumers are trading their morning meal at home for something that can be prepared post-commute. As a result, many brands have created products that combine the satisfying taste of homemade breakfast with the convenience of a prepared dish. Some of these products include single-serve muesli packets, 3D breakfast biscuits and ancient grain granola bars.

In addition to eating breakfast at the office, many consumers are also looking for desk-friendly meals that are faster and less expensive than eating out. These new lunchtime products go beyond froze entrees to include flavorful options such as microwavable quinoa cups, pumpkin spice salad kits and vegetable-based pasta dishes.

From Single-Serve Muesli Packets to Microwavable Quinoa Cups: