Enjoy Life's Bars are an Allergy-Free Alternative to Peanut Butter Cups

 - Sep 1, 2016
References: enjoylifefoods
Parents who are looking to send their kids to school with a snack to replace ever-popular peanut butter cups will find satisfaction in this seed bar from Enjoy Life.

The soft 'Chocolate SunSeed Crunch Decadent Bars' take inspiration from the flavors of the classic peanut butter cup, yet is made with a base of sunflower seed spread, so as to avoid nuts altogether. In addition to being free from tree nuts, the school-friendly seed snack bar also excludes gluten, soy, fish, dairy and eggs, among a few other types of ingredients that are known as common allergens.

With the rise of protein-rich nut butter spreads, products like this one from Enjoy Life that integrate alternative nut and seed spreads are becoming prevalent on the market.