Fairfields Farm's Lentil Lites Serve as a Healthy Alternative to Chips

Artisan chip producer Fairfields Farm is moving beyond potatoes with its new Lentil Lites range. The new crisps are designed to serve as a better-for-you snack option that will appeal to health-conscious consumers.

The new Lentil Lites are gluten-free chips made from pulses and other all-natural ingredients instead of potatoes. Unlike ordinary chips, the lentil-based crisps are low in fat and low in calories. Despite the more nutritious recipe, the chips still pack a powerful burst of flavor with variants ranging from Blue Cheese to Jalapeño Chilli & Lime.

As consumers continue to demand better-for you alternatives to their favorite snack foods, the new Lentil Lites demonstrates an expansion of the chip sector. As Fairfields Farm Crisps co-founder Laura Strathern explains, "We've been researching the healthy snack sector for some time and feel the time is right to launch something completely different."