From Portable Guacamole Packaging to Pre-Packaged Smoothies

 - Oct 29, 2016
Whether it is portable guacamole dips or pre-packaged smoothie ingredients, the October 2016 packaging trends reveal an emphasis on convenient, time-saving solutions.

When it comes to food and beverages, portable packaging is increasingly in demand among consumers. To cater to those who prefer snacking on the go, Sabra teamed up with Tostitos to create dippable guacamole snack packs. Similarly, the packaging company Excelsior created a line of on-the-go pouches for salads, pastas and fruit snacks.

Beyond food and beverages, the October 2016 packaging trends also reveal an emphasis on convenience when it comes to personal care products. Whether it is grouped condom packs, discrete tampon boxes or mess-free face masks, brands are realizing that simple, no-hassle packaging designs are preferable to more complicated containers.