The 'SER!OUS' Smoothies Packaging is Focused on Convenience

Veggie and fruit smoothies are becoming wildly popular with health-focused consumers looking for ways to help boost their nutrient intake. As such, the 'SER!OUS' Smoothies brand looks to offer an extremely easy way to create the perfect smoothie by the glass.

While many people often make smoothies in a freestyle manner, 'SER!OUS' Smoothies enables one to simply pour the contents into a blender, turn it on and have the perfect beverage. Coming in several flavor options, 'SER!OUS' Smoothies help to satisfy a growing number of consumers who are looking for convenient ways to maintain good diet and health.

The 'SER!OUS' fruit smoothie packaging and branding is the design work of Curious Design of New Zealand and identifies all ingredients visually to make it an easy choice for consumers in the frozen food aisle.