From Powdered Stamina Supplements to

 - Oct 30, 2016
These October 2016 wellness trends range from powdered stamina supplements to zen farmhouse workouts that fuse yoga exercises with adorable animals. A memorable standout -- No Regrets Farm's 'Goat Yoga' classes, founded by Lainey Morse -- are designed for those looking to work out outside while interacting with wildlife.

Additional notables include plant-based bakeries that let foodies indulge without the guilt and eco-friendly lemonade beverages that are made using freshly sourced Icelandic spring water.

When looking at other October 2016 wellness innovations, indoor adult playgrounds, health data insight apps and collaborative workspaces all leave a lasting impression while promoting mental well-being and encouraging creativity. Other favorites this month include menstruation-themed card games that educate young women about their reproductive system while removing the stereotypes and stigmas that are commonly associated with periods.