Dr. Brite's Brightening Pen is Infused With Antioxidant Ingredients

 - Sep 5, 2016
References: rodales
Dr. Brite's teeth-whitening wand relies on natural ingredients to brighten one's smile. Created by dentists, this organic oral care product stays true to the brand's core values -- the company is known for creating natural mouthwash, toothpaste and brightening products -- and is affordable to boot.

Unlike most drug store teeth-whitening wands or smile strips, this product is 100% organic, relying on antioxidants rather than harsh chemicals or bleaching agents. The whitening pen is made with natural vitamin C gel that promotes gum health, organic coconut oil that works as a detoxifying agent and food-grade hydrogen peroxide that removes stains.

Lasting for up to 30 treatments, this oral care pen is convenient and sustainable for consumers seeking a high quality product that garners results without relying on artificial ingredients.