From Allergy-Alleviating Sprays to Connected Aromatherapy Devices

 - Dec 15, 2016
While there are plenty of medicinal allergy prevention products on the market, those looking for a more natural allergy remedy are also provided with different options to alleviate their symptoms.

One such example is the brand 'Saje's' 'Allergy Release' nasal spray. The spray contains natural ingredients that include lavender, lemon and geranium and was designed to soothe common allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing and coughing.

The 'AromaCare' device offers less targeted allergy relief -- rather than coming in the form of direct-contact spray it offers to optimize the environment that those susceptible to allergies are in. One of the device's accompanying 'synergies' is specifically designed to release scents that aim to relieve allergy symptoms.