The 'AromaCare' is Able to Connect to a User's Smartphone

 - Oct 19, 2016
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This aromatherapy device is able to better diffuse essential oils in order for users to gain the benefits of this relaxing form of therapy.

The device was designed to be portable, so those who own it can move it from room to room and even take it to the office. It comes with scented capsules that contain essential oils and once activated via the user's smartphone, the aromatherapy device is able to diffuse the scent in a way that is not too concentrated. The device comes with "synergy" blends of oils that were designed for different purposes -- whether it is to encourage sleep, boost memory, provide relaxation, refresh the mind and body, encourage breathing or relieve allergy symptoms.

The AromaCare is the perfect device for people who enjoy aromatherapy and would like it to have more targeted options.