From Bond-Strengthening Card Games to Inclusive Erotic Toys

 - Dec 9, 2017
Romantic gift ideas for this year's Christmas can include everything from products related to enhancing emotional intimacy, to those meant for physical pleasure.

An example of the former is De 36 Fr├ągorna, a card game inspired by the work of psychologist Arthur Aron. The game involves people in relationships taking turns to ask one another the questions on the cards, revealing intimate truths behind the players' thoughts, emotions and motivations. The game was designed to strengthen emotional bonds between lovers.

For examples of the latter, products like Buck-Off's inclusive intimacy toy would make for an excellent gift. The erotic toy was designed specifically for trans men who have not undergone sex reassignment surgery, as most do not have toys that adequately cater to their sexual needs. The Buck-Off functions as an ideal item for those looking for more personal gifts.