The 'iroha+' Collection of Erotic Toys Offers Varying Functionalities

 - Feb 10, 2017
References: iroha-tenga
iroha+ offers a range of intimate toys that were created specifically for women and feature unique, abstract designs that make them stand out on the market.

Rather than featuring the phallic shapes that many sex toys tend to have, the iroha+ range offers a much more subtle and sophisticated design. There are three products in the collection, the first being the 'Kushi' that is adorned with ribs for "dynamic sensations." The bird-shaped 'Tori' toy has a smooth tip for "insertable pleasure," while the 'Yoru' can be used to "tease and squeeze." The iroho+ sex intimacy are soft to the touch, have waterproof designs, and anti-dust coatings to ensure they remain as hygeinic as possible. They also come with a case that the toys simply need to be placed in in order for their batteries to recharge.

The iroha+ collection is ideal for individuals looking for a dynamic experience when it comes to self-pleasure.