From Oceanic Audiovisual Exhibits to Real-Time Moon Lighting

 - Sep 24, 2016
These September 2016 modern trends range from oceanic audiovisual exhibits to orb-shaped lamps that are designed to resemble real moonlight. When it comes to the month's most impressive furnishings, examples like avian-themed armchairs and perception-blurring shelves are some of the most notable.

Other home decor standouts include functional match holders and contemporary herb grinders that are a revamped take on classic mortal and pestle kitchen tools. Additionally, visual art examples like paper-made flower murals, hazy beach scenes and folded landscape paintings also present a modern translation of classic portraiture methods.

Some other September 2016 modern trends include unique museum exhibits that range from immersive and sensory installations to teddy bear gallery shows that pay homage to the iconic childhood toy.