This Kintetic Art Piece Conceptualizes Misheard Moments in 3D

 - Aug 7, 2016
References: found-studio & hypebeast
The kinetic art piece 'Mondegreen' is stunning and haunting in its own right. The animated video was created by English based Found Studio along with 3D animator Esteban Diácon and sound design studio Echoic Audio. Interestingly the concept behind the artwork is mishearing.

The visuals the collaborative team wanted to display was that of a surreal museum of mishearing. The concept of mishearing is tied to the sculptures and artwork in the museum where each one of them represent a word that sounds like 'found' -- tying in with the main studio's name.

Mondegreen is captivating, especially when consumers are aware of the idea its based on. One can't help but look at each scene to try and understand what aspect is a misheard version of found. Using artwork like this can be an amazing medium to communicate ideas and messages to viewers. It's also an extremely strong way for 'Found Studio' to impress their brand name into the audience's mind.