Mariko Mori Placed a Large Ring Above a Waterfall to Signify Unity

 - Aug 9, 2016
References: skny & vogue
Japanese contemporary artist Mariko Mori's 'Ring: One With Nature' art installation for the Rio 2016 Olympics features a massive blue ring hoisted above a waterfall two hours outside of the city. Positioned above the 'Véu da Noivahe' waterfall, the luminous acrylic loop weighs two tons and is a towering six metres high. The ring transforms depending on the time of day; the color shifts from blue to gold. In addition, Vogue reported that the installation also aligns with the sun during the winter solstice.

According to Mariko Mori, the ring installation "celebrates the unity between every being and nature, and is emblematic of the unity of all nations and ethnicities." The beautiful art installation will be a permanent piece above the Brazilian waterfall and is an interesting way to connect the current Olympics with the next summer games set to be held in Tokyo, Japan.