- Aug 21, 2017
These examples of Gen-Z entertainment range from playroom-inspired cinemas to immersive ice cream museums.

When it comes to theaterical experience, today's tech-savvy kids are not only enjoying interactive screenings -- like Disney's recent Moana sing-a-long events -- but are also the inspiration behind futuristic cinemas specifically geared towards them. While Michal Stasko's theater design in Slovakia swaps out uncomfortable seating with colorful beanbag chairs, Cinépolis in Mexico is the first-ever kid-specific cinema, boasting its own playrooms and immersive areas for film viewing.

Other examples of Gen-Z entertainment include VR theme park experiences, toy-themed pop-up cafes, and participatory art installations. These particular examples are both age and Instagram-friendly, appealing to tween consumers' love of social media and popular culture.

From Playroom-Inspired Cinemas to Immersive Ice Cream Museums: