'Beyond the Grave' Teaches About Those Underfoot at Westminster

The Westminster Abbey cathedral is an historic building, but it's the stuff below ground that might provide the most fame, and 'Beyond the Grave' is a spooky, family-friendly series of tours and activities that explores those underground curios. It features educational events as well as the popular 'Gravediggers Academy' for kids who can brave it.

At the Gravediggers Academy, gravedigger Will takes kids on a historic tour of the Westminster Abbey cemetery, showing them the spooks and ghouls buried there — if they dare. On the second day of the two-day event, kids can do activities like digging for skeletons, designing a memorial, and cracking an ancient burial code.

Kids and parents alike can also take a tour of Westminster Abbey while friendly guides explain some of the people buried there. All the activities and tours are suitable for kids aged three and up accompanied by an adult.