- Jan 30, 2017
With many social problems occurring around the world, activists are as necessary as ever – and the 2016 activism trends reveal that they remain on the front lines in working towards a more fair and equal future for all. Whether it is brands or individuals, activism is a powerful force that should not be ignored, and is currently taking on some very important issues.

The Brady Campaign released an anti-gun violence ad that uses satire to point out the problems with this issue and the fact that it is not being addressed in the United States. The commercial points out the problem with the statement that pro-gun activists tend to state when defending their stances – "guns don't kill people, people kill people." The campaign makes viewers question this stance while referencing stats on how often toddlers kill and maim people when they get their hands on a gun. The commercial questions the validity of the argument by outlining that people are statistically much more likely to be harmed by their own weapons than protected by them.

The Black Lives Matter movement has seen activism from celebrities as of late, but its most important contributors are those who are actively pursuing equality on the ground, every day. While celebrities can bring visibility to the issue, most of them are not fighting for systemic change in the form of laws, policies and training reform as many leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement are. 'GLOSSRAGS' offers shirts for this social movement that are sadly but correctly titled 'And Counting,' and feature the names of some of the many black men and boys who have had their lives cut short in the face of police brutality.

By supporting positive social movements, brands are able to align themselves with consumers' ethical and moral convictions while improving brand perception. For more insight into how brands can touch on the issues and ideas that matter to consumers, Trend Hunter's 2017 Trend Report is a useful resource to refer to.

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