These Posters Were Put Up in Women's Restrooms as a Safety Measure

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: independent & adweek
For the many women who've found themselves feeling utterly alone in potentially dangerous situations, these anti-assault PSAs can help them to safely find a way out.

From the 'Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership,' the posters were put up inside of women's restrooms in bars. On it, an explanation was given that told those in need to contact a member of the staff and ask for "Angela." With this, the anti-assault PSAs offer those who don't feel like they're in a safe place to get out of it. Once being alerted with this code word, a staff member will call them a taxi or assist them in a discreet manner that doesn't cause the unfavorable situation to be amplified.

As a representative of the campaign explains, "The 'Ask for Angela' posters are part of our wider #NoMore campaign which aims to promote a culture change in relation to sexual violence and abuse, promote services in Lincolnshire and empower victims to make a decision on whether to report incidents."