From Travelling Canine Food Bloggers to Politically Aimed Fight Songs

 - Jan 28, 2017
These 2016 viral trends show just how powerful online interaction can be when it comes to getting a message out. If you're interested in looking into other successful campaigns, go to our 2017 Trend Report.

As always, pets are popular throughout these 2016 viral trends, with familiar furry faces like Marnie The Dog being implemented into advertising efforts. Airbnb's commercial proved successful largely because of this, as it enticed its audience to keep watching while it showed them how accommodating its service can be for pets.

During 2016's controversial election, many women donned OPI's 'Madam President' color, sharing images of their nails online and showing up to the polls with it on in an effort to show solidarity with Hillary Clinton.

Also featured is a father who wanted to find a wife for his son and thought that posting an full-page ad on the front of the newspaper would be the best method. He included a list of strange requirements and even propositioned to interview interested women before they would be able to meet his son, a 48-year-old man.