'Harambe vs. Capcom' is a Fighter Game Featuring the Late Primate

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: harambegame & digitaltrends
Harambe the gorilla made headlines after he was killed when a toddler fell into an animal enclosure, and the name has since become an Internet sensation that has fueled many a meme -- including the new 'Harambe vs. Capcom' game. Designed the 'Otaku Gang,' an "underground culture collective," the game features an 8-bit version of the deceased gorilla fighting in the style of classic arcade games.

The story of Harambe vs. Capcom presents a revised history in which Harambe uses his psychic power to convince the media that he died, giving himself cover to escape an extermination team and return to Africa. The silliness of that plot line continues through the freely available video game, as Harambe fights both generic zookeepers and characters from the Capcom universe.