From Humorous Political Promotions to Excrement-Themed Cafes

 - Jan 28, 2017
With the past year's constant volatility and often alarming political and social issues, the 2016 humor trends were the only things that kept many people in good spirits. Some of the more prominent forms of humor came in response to politics, as well as novelty stores and services.

With this year's American election, there were times when only humor could keep people distracted. Brands have decided to take advantage of the election season to promote their own causes, and are using humor to do this. 'Nurx,' is one such example, with the company offering free birth control for women who use the code 'DonaldTrump' on their site. The promotion is in direct response to the president-elect's stances on women's reproductive rights, and the promotional image itself uses an image that features Donald's face over the Grinch as he steals birth control from a stocking.

The 'Poop Cafe Dessert Bar' is an excrement-themed restaurant that uses humor in order to capture the attention of consumers. The Toronto-based cafe works to use a controversial, "shock" theme that is likely to elicit disgust in some, but laughs in many others.

By using humor, brands are able to capture consumer attention in a way that is much more engaging than other marketing techniques – particularly when that humor is relevant to current events or universal experiences. Trend Hunter's annual innovation conference Future Festival provides attendees with ways in which brands can capitalize on pop culture trends.