This Chips Brand Concept Uses Humor and Graphics to Sell Itself

 - Aug 29, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
This concept chip brand uses humor and language that is popular in pop culture in order to sell itself to young consumers.

The brand itself is called 'Baetatoes' -- a play on the word 'bae' that Millennials use both ironically and seriously in reference to their partners, favorite celebrities and crushes. Each different flavor is accompanied by its own character in the form of a potato. The 'Hot & Spicy' flavor features a female potato wearing lingerie and comes with the quote "still a potato but hot." The classic variety of Baetatoes features an illustration of a regular potato accompanied by the quote "potatoes gonna potate."

By using the language and humor that those of younger generations tend to enjoy, this chip brand is able to market itself to the coveted Millennial demographic.