From Rustic Belgian Waffles to Retro Craft Sodas

 - Dec 7, 2017
These nostalgic nostalgic food and beverage innovations range from rustic Belgian waffles to craft sodas that reintroduce today's consumer to vintage flavors. When looking at confections and desserts, standouts include P'unk Burger's Girl Scout Cookie milkshake which is topped with the iconic snack, along with chef Cedric Grolet's Rubik's Cube cakes which are designed to resemble the retro toy.

When it comes to savory foods, memorable products include Auntie Anne's soft pretzel packs which are sold in 5-piece sets, and ready to bake. Additionally, Seven Sisters Scone's Mini Sconewiches are a hit among deli fans, and are a scone and sandwich hybrid which remixes the classic tea time snack.

Those looking to indulge in a nostalgic beverage can try out products like Shake Shack's adult-centric milkshakes which are a sophisticated take on childhood-inspired menu items, and Cicero Beverage Company's Candied Bacon Cream Soda which is a savory version of the traditional drink.