These Lisa Frank Pastry Rings Are Decorated With A Rainbow Cheetah Pattern

 - Sep 8, 2016
Lisa Frank's iconic rainbow cheetah print pattern is recreated in an edible format here in this recipe featured on the blog Brit + Co. The design is showcased using decorative icing overtop of homemade donuts that are equally as colorful on the inside.

The pairing of animal prints and rainbow shades is iconically associated with Frank's branding, which is the main source of inspiration for these cake donuts. The sponge features a vanilla flavoring that is accented with rainbow sprinkles throughout. Once baked, the donuts are covered in strips of colored icing to look like a rainbow and adorned with pink and purple cheetah spots. The spots are painted on using a thin brush to give the donuts a safari look.

The end result provides an edible way to enjoy Frank's beloved 90s pattern.