- Dec 23, 2016
These DIY holiday gift ideas range from artisanal cheese kits to homemade lip balms that feature a minty and Holiday-themed flavor. When looking at DIY gifts in the realm of fashion and beauty, standouts include homemade cranberry scrubs -- leaving skin looking softer and smelling fresher -- along with homemade patchwork jackets like Honestly WTF's embroidered denim project that is modeled after expensive runway pieces.

When it comes to inexpensive home decor accessories, these DIY holiday gifts include cutout leather and felt coasters along with wooden photo garlands that are both sentimental and budget-conscious.

Other standouts include gifts that will appeal to foodies, coffee lovers or fans of wine, cocktails and craft beers. A great example targeting this group is The Grow Your Own Coffee Kit -- a set that includes aromatic coffee plant seeds which bloom after they are combined with water.

From Artisanal Cheese Kits to Homemade Lip Balm Cosmetics: